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In computer science, the byte is a unit that measures the amount of information in memories. This means that any computer file, on a hard disk for example, occupies a part of the memory capacity expressed in bytes. Computer files can quickly become heavy, the suffixes kilo, mega, or even giga are added to the unit byte. As you check out tm unifi now you will be interested to opt for it.

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For information, the byte measurement is as follows:

  • a kilobyte represents 1000 bytes;
  • a megabyte is worth 1 million bytes;
  • a gigabyte is 1 billion bytes.

For example, an HD movie lasting an hour and a half usually weighs between 1.5 and 3 gigabytes. You should know that a byte consists of 8 bits. This unit should not be confused with the Byte, which for its part corresponds to a byte. This means that a byte corresponds to a byte, but that 8 bits are equal to a byte or a byte . These units can also be used to set a transfer speed. In this case, the quantity is then expressed in byte or bit, per second.

When a user performs a speed test, the results are expressed in Megabits per second. When downloading a file from the Internet, the download speed is expressed in megabytes per second. This small difference in terminology is far from trivial, since, as explained previously, it takes 8 bits to make a byte. This therefore means that, if the speedtest displays a speed of 16 Mb / s, it will be possible to download, at the maximum of its bandwidth, at 2 Mb / s. We must therefore be wary of these values ​​which can be misleading.

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The important nuance between byte and bits to estimate its download capacity

The speed tests are in Megabits per second, which means that the actual download speed will be 8 times lower than this value. This is because a byte consists of 8 bits.

What factors can affect the speed of the Internet connection?

Depending on the technology used by the Internet service provider, various factors may have a greater or lesser influence on the quality of the Internet connection. Back on these elements which condition the potential flow of its internet box.

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